What does $2.78 million look like?

It means:-
• Good News delivered by every conceivable media from hand held solar powered devices to radio and the internet
• Help, both immediate and long term, for women and children often abandoned, at risk of abuse, neglect, homelessness and without food in places like India, and others.
• Pastors able to fly to remote areas of PNG when trekking could take a week or more – each way.
• Bible translation in one of the 3000 languages still waiting for one.
• Theological education for people in PNG, ASIA, Australia and other hard to reach places providing teaching, support, equipment and other materials.
• Literacy, using the Bible in China, Africa and the like.
• Legal and on the spot help for those caught in people trafficking.
• Help with the problems of drug, gambling, grog and other addictions and their consequences, in Australia, and at crucial times such as schoolies week and beyond.
• Sports ministries chaplaincy.
• A Bible or a part of it perhaps for the first time in a language that’s easily understood.

In the last 12 months Steer Incorporated through our ministry partner’s generosity was able to boost the funding to all these ministries and more through the $2.78 million we distributed to over 300 missions.

Care to join us?
Contact us at https://www.steer.org.au/contact/

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