Satish’s Story – Lasting Hope

Satish from Bangalore was able to finish his education obtaining a degree.  He went to work in the commercial world in both the USA and Australia.  Returning to Bangalore and to the church, school and community that had supported him in those difficult early years, he decided it was time to give back. He setup a small business to help fund himself so that he could take on the role of the business manager for the school. It has now grown to almost 600 pupils, and still takes on children whose family simply can’t pay for their education.  In reality the alternative is no education or life skilling.  In addition, both Satish and his wife are youth pastors at their local church.

Satish’s Story – A Growing Hope

As Satish grows, his attendance at the local school saves him from dangerous work with his dad and helps him to prepare for life. When his dad committed suicide, the school leaders helped him and his family to cope, as did his friends.  With his determination, education and the life skills he was learning at school, he decided to do his best, potentially even achieving a university degree.

Satish’s Story – A New Hope

Recently, we met a guy called Satish from Bangalore City Mission (BCM).  Over the next couple of days we’re going to tell you his story – from selling his vegetables off a cart through a tiny school in somebody’s front room to becoming the business manager of the same school which now has 600 children and a tremendous reputation.  Which one of the kids in the photo do you think is Satish?

Can’t Do Without Literacy

Can you imagine not being able to go places because you can’t read the signs? We read, we write but we so easily take it for granted. Steer distribute funds to a number of agencies which make an enormous difference through much needed literacy programs.  If you would like to support literacy through Steer, contact us via

Christian Farmers Conferenences

Steer proudly supports Christian Farmers Conferences. This is an opportunity for farmers to get together and benefit from each other’s experiences including working with Steer. Put these dates in your diaries.

Dates for 2016
17th – 19th June      Gippsland
22nd – 24th July      Ridgecrest (Wellington) NSW
22nd – 24th July      Yacandandah
29th – 31st July       Wellington SA
12th – 14th August  Halls Gap

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