Steer Incorporated is moving offices….

After many years located at 5 Court Street Box Hill, Steer is moving to new premises. We have sub-leased office space in the World Vision building on Springvale Rd, Burwood East until we can find a new more perfect and permanent home.

Our telephone number 03 9899 6413 and our mailing address PO Box 211, Box Hill, Victoria 3128 will remain the same. Our email has also not changed.

Unfortunately, with the move we no longer have a fax line.

As our move is scheduled for Thursday 15th February 2018, there may be a disruption to services while we are moving. Should be back to normal business on Monday 19th February 2018 by lunchtime.

It’s a New Year….

Bush fires are even more likely this year, especially in Southern Australia. Damage and loss of precious memories perhaps even loved ones may happen. But there’s another kind of fire that is positive – its the flame of generosity.

Sometimes it will be particularly easy to keep alive. At others times, you will face challenges in your giving and New Year is likely to be one of them.

There could be times when you’ll wonder if you can give anything at all, and whether the gifts you do make are actually appreciated or even if they really make a difference. These are times of “hard generosity”.

You maybe challenged by one of these thoughts.
– I feel hard done by right now. What I have has been hard earned and I’m struggling to share with those who have not earned it.
– I am missing out on things I want or need so why not ease back on being generous to others.

The best way is to look at what you do have and re-ignite that generosity of spirit that started with God’s gift to us at Christmas.

THINK – Is your generosity more like a “flickering flame” than a raging bushfire?

Welcome to the New Year….

Young Adults Camp

Christian Youth Camps of SA are running their 1st ever Young Adults Camp in 2017 for young adults and the young at heart (18+ over).

When: Friday 1st from 7pm – Sunday 3rd till 3pm Dec 2017
Where: El Shaddai Camping Centre
196 El Shaddai Rd, Wellington SA
Cost: $120 per person
Theme: Fantastic Four (Family ~ Friends ~ Foes ~ Feelings)
Directors: Luke and Natasha Dahlenburg

What: CYC are looking to provide a camp that:
— encourages personal and spiritual GROWTH;
— fosters the development of COMMUNITY; and
— provides an opportunity to RECHARGE.

Enjoy studying God’s word and connecting with others your age. You will also enjoy water sports at the river, board games, session electives, cups of coffee and MUCH MORE!

For more information or to register go to

Surprise!….but it’s not that bad really….

For all Steer Ministry Partners who have placed an Interest Free Loan with us to support Christian missions more effectively, we will be introducing changes as of 1st January 2018, as a result of new Australian federal government rules.

Watch out for an action pack explaining what’s involved and why we are making the changes.

We’re making it as straightforward as possible so that the impact on Ministry Partners is minimized.

Hang In There

Do you remember Hurricane Matthew which devastated Haiti in October 2016? Well, we have had many more disasters since with Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean wreaking havoc in September 2017.

Natural disasters will always be with us and we are heartened to see the great work that many of the missions Steer supports such as Samaritan’s Purse, spring into action assisting disaster victims. Our Ministry Partners, like Samaritan’s Purse are dedicated to helping others in need. They were there helping those in Haiti in 2016 and again helping now in the Caribbean.

The hard effort, consistency and long term support of our Ministry Partners is unwavering and can only keep going with the encouragement of your support. Please keep the support going via direct charitable donations or through Steer and know that what you do uplifts the lives of others. To contact Steer go to

Read for Samaritan’s Purse latest effort update in the Caribbean

Death comes to all of us….

And before then, we have the chance to put our time to best use. In the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of conducting my father’s funeral in the United Kingdom. It’s an encouragement for me and everyone to make the most of the time we have available. It’s also a reminder of what’s really important. Sorry for the big gap, since last we put up a post, but now you know why?

So to help seniors to use their time wisely, Belgrave Heights are running their first ever Seniors Convention from Fri 17 to Sun 19 Nov 2018. It should be interesting, why don’t you check out their link


Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes. We can all get involve, just in different ways. Here’s one to inspire you.

“During the last month we have seen two major hurricanes hit the southwestern United States. In Houston, TX Jim McIngvale, well known in the area as “Mattress Mack,” owns several large furniture stores. When he saw that many were in need of a safe place to ride out the storm, he opened his stores to the public and allowed them to sleep on his inventory. “We’ve got lots of beds, we’ve got lots of food, we’ve got water and you can even bring your animals.” Many took him up on his offer. He even sent out his large trucks to bring people in. “Mattress Mack” used what he had. It was simple, yes, but a huge gesture to many, maybe even life-saving.”

Source from

Contact Steer if you would like to enhance your generosity at

Samaritan’s Purse – 4 Schools in 3 Days!

Just a couple of weeks ago I met with Jorge Rodrigues, Executive Director of Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand and toured its operation. It was very impressive, especially when I saw how many of the staff at Samaritan’s Purse are actually volunteering both their time and abilities.

Last month, Samaritan’s Purse opened four brand new school buildings in Cambodia. These replace the four derelict sheds which previously stood. It’s great to hear good news in the middle of so many arguments and insecurities in Australia.

Continue reading “Samaritan’s Purse – 4 Schools in 3 Days!”

SAT-7 To Launch Educational Channel For Refugees

SAT-7 To Launch Educational Channel For Refugees

SAT-7’s new satellite television channel, SAT-7 ACADEMY set to launch on 1 September, will connect millions of refugees to where they already live in North Africa and the Middle East.

Broadcasting round-the-clock in Arabic, the channel will offer millions of displaced or refugee children complementary learning opportunities through a variety of television programs.

If you want to read more go to

If you would like to use Steer to support this innovative program contact us at