Our Generous Supporters….

At Steer Incorporated we have some very generous partners in ministry. Above is a graph which shows the broad sweep of where we have been sending funds generated through Steer in the last 12 months. It gives us a boost to see these results and we hope it does the same for you to. We are thankful for God’s provision for making this possible.

“Be encouraged.”

True Forgiveness….

Ramez Atallah (General Director of the Bible Society of Egypt) who is a former colleague of mine, shared this with me just recently. Do read the following and watch the brief video, it’s really moving and gives us a new perspective on life. This is a true example of forgiveness which we would do well to follow.

“Social Media is abuzz. In many instances, Muslims who are outraged at the blind and evil hatred of this atrocity, have expressed frustration with Christians in all their talk of love and forgiveness. As with previous attacks, the sense of revenge is minimal as families embrace martyrdom as a gift from and to God. Click on the video below to see the Muslim interviewer’s astonishment with the widow of the gatekeeper who prevented the suicide bomber from entering the Alexandria church yard, thereby saving countless lives. What is happening in Egypt is not a 2000-year-old legend, but a modern, living testimony to the power of the Christian faith.”

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Easter is about the generosity of true forgiveness….

Last week I read a blog by a Lebanese Christian.

“If you’ve heard about the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990) you’ll know that there is a considerable negative history between Lebanese and Syrians, and that Syrian troops did not completely leave Lebanon before 2005. Before the Lebanese had time to forgive and forget painful memories, the Syria crisis started in 2011, and with it came an influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon, such that our country today has the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the world, with one in every four persons a Syrian refugee – 80% women and children.
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Why would you invest without wanting a financial return?

A while ago I had a meeting with a couple of businessmen who had not previously heard of Steer Incorporated and our mission to significantly boost funds for Christian charities. They listened intently to my words and with a frown on one man’s face he asked “Why would someone deliberately invest with you without wanting a financial return?”

He was struggling to grasp the idea of deep generosity that many Christian’s pursue. When told that last year Steer Ministry Partners had enabled us to give away over $3 million to mission and outreach in Australia and the rest of the world, he smiled and said perhaps he could help us then. If I’d been quick enough, I would have replied that we at Steer, could help him too.

It’s approaching Easter, it’s still the reason of Lent, when Jesus gave up everything for everyone and God kept his promise to all peoples. If you think of others that Steer could help to be more generous, now and in future, please share this with them.

Christian Farmers Conference Gippsland 2017

Speakers include :

Simon Longden : Director of Pioneers of Australia
Pastor Peter Stevens : State director – Family Voice Australia
Stewart Croft : Largest Corriedale Sheep Stud in Australia
Len Lesleighter : Director of Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Australia & Asia-Pacific

For more info go to
Download Flyer at cfc_gippsland_flyer_2017

Not Feeling The Call To Be Generous….

Read a blog the other day which resonated with me.  The following extract from “The Babylon Bee” is a satirical view of some Christian attitudes to generous living.

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40 Years….and the Gold Logie goes to….

This is JOHN QUAY celebrating his 40 years (Tuesday 14th February 2017) as a staff member of MAF and Steer Incorporated, at the Court Street offices.

Up to 8 Christian missions use the premises where John helps Steer Incorporated each day and others as needed. His desire is to serve God, through a generous use of his time.

“Every mission in our building benefits from John’s friendly assistance and fellowship, especially through his habit of bringing me Irish jokes and the rest of us treats – chocolate and potato chips are the favourites!!”, said Tony Crook, CEO of Steer Incorporated.

Now in his seventies, John challenges all of us to remain healthy in body and spirit. To John, goes our equivalent of the Gold Logie.

Thanks John!

Gone Fishing!

I think that people who fish, have a lot going for them!  For me, I don’t find fishing easy but it can be very rewarding – emotionally, physically, spiritually – it gives me a time to reflect.

A number of Jesus’ first followers fished to provide for their families.  On one occasion Jesus told these professionals to fish somewhere that they thought was plain stupid.  But their efforts had been fruitless, so they did as Jesus said and caught so many fish the catch nearly sank the boat!

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