Tiffany’s Painting

On a recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula, Melinda and I met many wonderful people. We travelled to all corners of this beautiful part of Australia and one of those places was Kyancutta; an isolated area in the north-west of the peninsula.

We went there to visit the Schmucker family and were welcomed by Terry, his wife Lisa and two of their five children, Amy and Tiffany.  Melinda and I were struck by some of the beautiful paintings on the walls and were pleasantly surprised to hear they were painted by Lisa and Tiffany.

One series of paintings that caught my eye was completed by Tiffany for her Year 12 assessment. The paintings were three pictures of hands: one holding soil, one grain and the other water. The hands belonged to Tiffany (soil), Lisa (water) and Terry (grain).

There was so much I saw in this painting that thrilled my heart. First, like many farming families, all work together to produce crops that go into sustaining a nation. Second, productive working families generously support God’s work, both in Australia and overseas. Third, the paintings depict three life-giving substances: Soil, Water and Grain.

  • Soil – What a beautiful sight across the country at sowing time!
    Ploughed or direct-drill paddocks sit and wait to give life to the seeds placed in its care; a store for moisture and nutrients to feed the crop as it grows.
  • Water – While we can live for some time without food, we can survive only a few days without water! When humans are looking for life on other planets, their search is specifically focused on water or its evidence. Water is foundational to all life, and soil without water cannot produce a crop.
  • Grain – In its many forms, grain has been the sustaining food for mankind throughout history!

To look across fields before harvest, a sea of grain-head swaying in the breeze, is a delight to the eyes.  This is evidence of good planning and hard work providing for the future.

Jesus used all three: Soil, Water and Grain as descriptors when He talked about Himself, His service to us and our service for Him. Jesus described Himself as the ‘Living Water’ and in drinking our fill from Him, we will never thirst again (John 7:37-38). Finding our satisfaction in Christ will take our minds off this world and all its temporary cravings.

Jesus said if the grain doesn’t fall to the ground and die, it will not produce many seeds and create life in abundance (John 12:24). He used grain to describe His own death on the cross which gives life to all who follow Him.

Jesus gave the example of cultivated earth (soil) to show we need to build relationships with people to plant the seed of salvation in their hearts.  He then brings it to harvest through careful nutrient application and watering of the Holy Spirit (Matt 13:23).

I am so thankful people like Tiffany use their gifts to glorify God!  Her paintings have encouraged and challenged me.  They have lifted my thoughts to see God’s heart and intent as He uses His creation to teach us all He has done and continues to do for us.



Christian Farmers Men’s Camp – Halls Gap (11th-12th Aug 2018)

Keep Sat 11th – Sun 12th August 2018 free in your diaries, to come and join us at the Christian Farmers Men’s Camp Halls Gap. Listen to some great speakers : Bob Field, Phelans and Peter Shadbolt.

Should be a wonderful event. Share your experiences with others of any stuff up’s or when things haven’t gone as planned on your farm. Christian Farmers Men’s Camp Halls Gap invite you to put photos of what has happened to you on your farm on a memory stick to show others.

To download the flyer, registration and for more info, go to

Yackandandah Men’s Camp (27th – 29th July 2018)

Come Friday 27th July night at 7:30pm to meet our inspiring speakers: Phillip Jensen and Andi Hillman. This year hear about “How to survive and thrive in this secular world”.

If you are coming Saturday for breakfast at 7:45, please let Yackandandah camp know when you plan to arrive so they can cater accurately.

The Yackandandah camp will be open to the wider community on Sunday morning at 8:45am so invite your family. If you like you can bring your caravan, just let Yackandandah camp know so they can make sure there is space.

Teenagers are especially welcome with a special activity Saturday afternoon.

This year Yackandandah camp are running a camp promotion photo competition with a prize of $100. Bring your camera for a bit of fun.

To download Yackandandah camp flyer and registration details, go to

Christian Farmers Conference Ridgecrest 2018

Don’t miss out on the Christian Farmers Conference Ridgecrest 2018.
Put Fri 27th June to Sun 29th July 2018 in your diaries!

This year’s theme is Real Hope for the Future.
Great speakers to listen to :
– Ashley Olsson – Founder of Clipex Fencing and Stockyards
– Peter Blowes – Long Term CMS Missionary to University Students in Argentina
– Ian Lyons – Retired Grazier and Pastor

For more info go to

Christian Youth Camp Mens Breakfast + (Wellington, South Australia)

Formerly Mens Camp, Mens Breakfast + is a great day of fun and fellowship! We provide various speakers and teachers who share on general interest topics as well as Christian based topics to help encourage and challenge you. This is a great opportunity to spend some time away with other Men and enjoy fellowship with one another. We endeavor to meet the needs of men and encourage them in their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. Follow the links below for more info!

To download flyer, click…/2018/05/cyc_wellington_flyer_201…

For registrations go to

Belgrave Heights Men’s Convention 2018 (25th – 26th May 2018)

GIVE ME STRENGTH – In your world of challenge and strength find God’s wisdom and stamina.

After 20 years of the Belgrave Heights Men’s Convention and 100 years of the Convention, we should have it sorted? Why would we ask “Give Me Strength”? On this momentus occasion, Belgrave Heights Men Convention look at ministering to men. Hear why Men’s ministry is so important and gain ideas of how to go about it.

Look forward to a great line-up of speakers including John Anderson, Carl Beech and Murray Capill. Should be a great weekend to be had.

For more info and registrations, visit the website

Registrations closes on 21 May 2018.

Steer Incorporated is moving offices….

After many years located at 5 Court Street Box Hill, Steer is moving to new premises. We have sub-leased office space in the World Vision building on Springvale Rd, Burwood East until we can find a new more perfect and permanent home.

Our telephone number 03 9899 6413 and our mailing address PO Box 211, Box Hill, Victoria 3128 will remain the same. Our email has also not changed.

Unfortunately, with the move we no longer have a fax line.

As our move is scheduled for Thursday 15th February 2018, there may be a disruption to services while we are moving. Should be back to normal business on Monday 19th February 2018 by lunchtime.

It’s a New Year….

Bush fires are even more likely this year, especially in Southern Australia. Damage and loss of precious memories perhaps even loved ones may happen. But there’s another kind of fire that is positive – its the flame of generosity.

Sometimes it will be particularly easy to keep alive. At others times, you will face challenges in your giving and New Year is likely to be one of them.

There could be times when you’ll wonder if you can give anything at all, and whether the gifts you do make are actually appreciated or even if they really make a difference. These are times of “hard generosity”.

You maybe challenged by one of these thoughts.
– I feel hard done by right now. What I have has been hard earned and I’m struggling to share with those who have not earned it.
– I am missing out on things I want or need so why not ease back on being generous to others.

The best way is to look at what you do have and re-ignite that generosity of spirit that started with God’s gift to us at Christmas.

THINK – Is your generosity more like a “flickering flame” than a raging bushfire?

Welcome to the New Year….