Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do people choose Steer?

People choose to use Steer because it is tax exempt

Steer’s income tax exemption means that the income earned by Steer from a partnership with someone like you, a mission supporter, can be given to the mission or outreach organisation that you love.

In contrast when you give directly, you can only give income you’ve earned once tax has been paid.

The higher the tax rate you pay to the Australian government, the greater benefit of using Steer

See below graph showing additional funds made available to missions depending on your marginal tax rate.


Using Steer turns non-tax deductible giving, into a benefit

If you want to support a mission or outreach organisation without tax-deductible status, using Steer allows you to add value to your gift without it costing you any more. In this way we can strengthen the causes you love.

However you may be like many people who access Steer to give to both non-tax deductible and tax-deductible causes they love.  Giving through Steer generates more income.


Steer can make it easier and more convenient to give effectively to the causes you love and want to support.

Who can access Steer?

Steer can be accessed by anyone.

Steer offers a range of regular giving programs to suit Australian Christians wishing to financially support mission and outreach work around the world in the most effective manner, including:

Any one of these programs provides a way for you to strengthen the causes you love in your giving.

Which missions does Steer support?

Through Steer Incorporated, you can support a wide range of Christian mission organisations whether in Australia or overseas.

We welcome suggestions for new mission and outreach agencies to receive support through Steer.

Criteria for accepting new mission organisations

Our criteria for accepting any new organisation is that they are actively involved in Christian mission and outreach, and have a statement of faith which is compatible with Steer.  Acceptance is also at the discretion of Steer’s Directors.

Funds can be specifically designated

Funds directed to an organisation may also be designated for a particular project.  Such projects might be support for specific workers and missionaries, a project or for General funds.

Distribution parameters

Steer does not distribute funds towards the general operating expenses of churches. However, funds can be provided to churches for missionary support or for specific outreach activities.  In the past we have supported ministries accessing the radio, youth ministries and special ministry programs.

Steer does not distribute funds to organisations whose predominant purpose is to lobby for changes to (or reinforcement of) government policies, or to Christian (or other) political parties.

Steer regularly distributes funds to over 350 organisations per year, including most of the major non-denominational mission agencies.

Because Steer Incorporated is a tax exempt charity, income earned by us is distributed to missions and outreach both in Australia and overseas.

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