When you give through Steer Incorporated, you can support mission and outreach work both overseas and in Australia.

In your desire to support missions, you may choose to place income-earning assets with Steer Incorporated for as long you wish. We then use these assets to generate income, which is income-tax exempt.

The arrangement between you, as a mission supporter, and Steer Incorporated is documented in a written agreement. However we emphasise flexibility and a minimum of formality with these arrangements. We don’t charge for providing these services or our administration fees. However, a gift to Steer Incorporated or a percentage of your normal suggested distribution given to us would be greatly appreciated. This will assist with covering our essential ministry support functions.

You are welcome to suggest the mission or outreach organisation to be the beneficiary of any income which is earned by us.

Because Steer Incorporated is a tax exempt charity, income earned by us is distributed to missions and outreach both in Australia and overseas.