I Take The Radio With Me Wherever I Go

Remember Shortwave Radio? Would you consider it an effective medium to reach people with the message of Christ today?

Fifteen years ago, faced with whether to keep or discard shortwave radio and explore alternative media, Reach Beyond decided shortwave radio is still a valuable resource. This year, a response from Mr Pasaig who has fled his village in Myanmar to Mizoram, India, prompts us to keep an open mind:

“Around 2017 and 2021, I used to make fun of the leaders of the HA program when they distributed radio receivers for free in my village, because even the village where I lived at that time had good phone lines and good internet lines. I joked that the radio was useless. When the free radio distributor offered to give me a radio, I refused. Sad to say that the situation in Myanmar is no longer the same as before, but when I think about this, I feel sorry for that. I have to admit that I was wrong. Now I can’t go to church where I live. In addition, because of no radio I could no longer listen to God’s Word, especially the HA program. I, therefore, tried to save some money. Thank God, I have one now. I now understand the tremendous value of the HA program in our dialect. Now I take the radio with me wherever I go and listen to the HA programs without missing it. Through the program, I get strength, learn the will of God in my life and His greatest salvation. I now listen and share what I have heard with my friends and neighbours as much as I can. Thank God.”

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