Introducing Project 114

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Project114 is a healing and equipping ministry dedicated to supporting persecuted Christians and vulnerable communities impacted by trauma.

While many agencies, both Christian and NGO, meet the physical needs of people in crisis zones, Project114 is different.

The work of Project114 is focused on mental, emotional and spiritual healing and transformation. Through their unique 3 part workshop series called Planted for Purpose, individuals are equipped, encouraged and empowered as they move from fear and brokenness to faith and resilience.

Persecution, crisis and war create the greatest needs but also the greatest opportunities for the Gospel. In places of suffering, people are the most hungry for the life giving message of Jesus and this is where Christianity is spreading the fastest. 

Through the healing and equipping work of Project114, persecuted Christians around the world are living examples of how faith in Christ can help us overcome crisis and grow through suffering.

Thousands have already participated in our workshops. With your support, thousands more can also receive this essential training.

We believe restoring joy is vital, healing is possible, forgiveness brings freedom and resilience creates change – for individuals and whole communities.

Together, we can be part of this Kingdom work.

For more information on Project 114 and how you can support this important work, please contact us.

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