Why would you invest without wanting a financial return?

A while ago I had a meeting with a couple of businessmen who had not previously heard of Steer Incorporated and our mission to significantly boost funds for Christian charities. They listened intently to my words and with a frown on one man’s face he asked “Why would someone deliberately invest with you without wanting a financial return?”

He was struggling to grasp the idea of deep generosity that many Christian’s pursue. When told that last year Steer Ministry Partners had enabled us to give away over $3 million to mission and outreach in Australia and the rest of the world, he smiled and said perhaps he could help us then. If I’d been quick enough, I would have replied that we at Steer, could help him too.

It’s approaching Easter, it’s still the reason of Lent, when Jesus gave up everything for everyone and God kept his promise to all peoples. If you think of others that Steer could help to be more generous, now and in future, please share this with them.

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