It’s a New Year….

Bush fires are even more likely this year, especially in Southern Australia. Damage and loss of precious memories perhaps even loved ones may happen. But there’s another kind of fire that is positive – its the flame of generosity.

Sometimes it will be particularly easy to keep alive. At others times, you will face challenges in your giving and New Year is likely to be one of them.

There could be times when you’ll wonder if you can give anything at all, and whether the gifts you do make are actually appreciated or even if they really make a difference. These are times of “hard generosity”.

You maybe challenged by one of these thoughts.
– I feel hard done by right now. What I have has been hard earned and I’m struggling to share with those who have not earned it.
– I am missing out on things I want or need so why not ease back on being generous to others.

The best way is to look at what you do have and re-ignite that generosity of spirit that started with God’s gift to us at Christmas.

THINK – Is your generosity more like a “flickering flame” than a raging bushfire?

Welcome to the New Year….

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