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A recent AudiBible beneficiary

We have recently received these stories about how AudiBibles are impacting the lives of people in Africa. We hope that they can encourage you, just as they have done for us!

Zimbabwe – Simba’s Story
Simba*, who is blind and lives in a village in Masvingo, is one of the beneficiaries of the Shona AudiBible. For many years he had wished to have access to the Word of God but struggled a lot as he had to depend on someone to read for him. One day the team visited his house as they were doing door-to-door evangelism in his village. Simba expressed his desire which to him seemed impossible for him to have access to the Gospel on his own. This opened an opportunity for the team to bless him with a copy of the audio Bible. He could not believe that the Bible was now his and he could listen to it on his own and hear the Gospel. Simba was still in disbelief that he owned his own copy of the Bible until he saw the team leaving it behind as his gift. The team was encouraged by such joy to be a blessing to many like Simba through distributing AudiBibles.

Madagascar – from Hanitra
I had the privilege to visit the South recently and heard the testimonies of how the AudiBible in Ntandroy has touched lives and even communities. Two church leaders shared that they had experienced persecution from their village elders and other non-believers in the community but since they got the Bible in their heart language and play it, people gathered and listened to it regularly, and persecution has stopped.
We hope the Holy Spirit will touch many more lives through this.
Thank you so much.

Chad – Khadidja’s story
Khadidja* is a young, divorced woman with five children. She started training on knitting and sewing. She goes twice a week to learn how to knit and sew with our team, and while she is practicing, she is listening to the AudiBible. The first couple of weeks she just ignored the audio, but after a while, she started to put her attention on what is being said in the Bible and from there she started to get interested in the Bible and its teachings because it teaches about love and forgiveness, which she says doesn’t exist in Islam. After listening a lot to the AudiBible she decided to follow Jesus and gave her life to him.

*Names have been changed for privacy

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