The Steer Incorporated Rental Property partnership program is designed for the owners of rental properties to support mission and outreach work in a more tax efficient way.

If you own residential, commercial or farming property you can choose to rent this to Steer Incorporated for a peppercorn rent of $1 a year. Steer then rents out your property on the commercial market or to an existing tenant.

We normally recommend that when renting your property that it be managed by a real estate agent nominated by you. However, in appropriate circumstances a private tenancy arrangement maybe possible.

As the owner of the property you can suggest which mission organisation receives the income earned from your property.

The lease agreement between you (the property owner) and Steer Incorporated may be terminated by you or us at any time. However any rental agreement with a tenant is subject to the normal tenancy laws applicable in the state concerned.

Steer Incorporated then takes responsibility for all your property costs including agent’s costs, municipal and water rates, insurance, body corporate fees, repairs and maintenance and so on.

Because Steer Incorporated is a tax exempt charity, income earned by us is distributed to missions and outreach both in Australia and overseas.

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