St Patrick’s Day 2017

Some people give up chocolate or a luxury or two for 6 weeks up to Easter, why?

It’s the season of Lent.

That’s good, it’s a reminder, however Jesus sacrifice was not for himself but for a purpose – for everyone who is living or will ever live. So maybe we could take his example and have a purpose behind our giving up of a luxury or two. Why not use the time to give generously to others – especially people who are not friends. That is to give with no real expectation of personal gain – just the satisfaction of knowing.

But what to do?

Start simple. For example be genuinely thankful to someone who won’t expect it. Or if giving up chocolate or some other luxury is your thing, then give the chocolate to someone who it may help to de-stress.
There are lots of ways to follow Jesus ultimate generosity. These may not be for you. If you think of other ideas why not share this blog and your ideas with others and with us at Steer. We have the privilege of hearing from people who want to be financially generous to others and often they want to do it anonymously.  We can help.

Be encouraged be actively generous this Lent, because the lead up to Easter is the key time for serious reflection then action on what our Christian faith means in the light of Jesus ultimate sacrifice.

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