It’s a New Year….

Bush fires are even more likely this year, especially in Southern Australia. Damage and loss of precious memories perhaps even loved ones may happen. But there’s another kind of fire that is positive – its the flame of generosity.

Sometimes it will be particularly easy to keep alive. At others times, you will face challenges in your giving and New Year is likely to be one of them.

There could be times when you’ll wonder if you can give anything at all, and whether the gifts you do make are actually appreciated or even if they really make a difference. These are times of “hard generosity”.

You maybe challenged by one of these thoughts.
– I feel hard done by right now. What I have has been hard earned and I’m struggling to share with those who have not earned it.
– I am missing out on things I want or need so why not ease back on being generous to others.

The best way is to look at what you do have and re-ignite that generosity of spirit that started with God’s gift to us at Christmas.

THINK – Is your generosity more like a “flickering flame” than a raging bushfire?

Welcome to the New Year….

Hang In There

Do you remember Hurricane Matthew which devastated Haiti in October 2016? Well, we have had many more disasters since with Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean wreaking havoc in September 2017.

Natural disasters will always be with us and we are heartened to see the great work that many of the missions Steer supports such as Samaritan’s Purse, spring into action assisting disaster victims. Our Ministry Partners, like Samaritan’s Purse are dedicated to helping others in need. They were there helping those in Haiti in 2016 and again helping now in the Caribbean.

The hard effort, consistency and long term support of our Ministry Partners is unwavering and can only keep going with the encouragement of your support. Please keep the support going via direct charitable donations or through Steer and know that what you do uplifts the lives of others. To contact Steer go to

Read for Samaritan’s Purse latest effort update in the Caribbean

Samaritan’s Purse – 4 Schools in 3 Days!

Just a couple of weeks ago I met with Jorge Rodrigues, Executive Director of Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand and toured its operation. It was very impressive, especially when I saw how many of the staff at Samaritan’s Purse are actually volunteering both their time and abilities.

Last month, Samaritan’s Purse opened four brand new school buildings in Cambodia. These replace the four derelict sheds which previously stood. It’s great to hear good news in the middle of so many arguments and insecurities in Australia.

Continue reading “Samaritan’s Purse – 4 Schools in 3 Days!”

What a lovely surprise?

Steer took a phone call this morning and it was a thank you call. We really appreciate the efforts of our Ministry Partners to take the time and acknowledge our efforts in trying to make a difference. All of us at Steer thrive on encouragement like the simple act of a thank you. It fuels our prayers to help doing the best we can do to help others.

Read our new visitor’s post from Dr Michael Burke, HealthServe Australia, EO.

If you would like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at Steer

Share this with others….

The Steer Experience….

Signing up with Steer can be life changing.

At Steer we encourage Ministry Partners to help us determine where to send the funds that Steer earns from the finances in our care.

Some families make an occasion of this every 6 months, seeing it as a good reason to get together over a meal, pray and ask God’s help in making their suggestions to Steer.

For them it’s a celebration, a time to recognise God’s goodness to them and a chance to be generous, to put others needs ahead of their own.

It is also an encouragement to do more in future and it passes on the importance of thinking of others and being financially generous as a natural part of their lives.

Some families carry this further by volunteering their time and energy, using holidays and alike.

The Steer experience can be life changing for everyone. Could it be for you or someone else you know? Share this post.

Benefits of Bequesting….

We have recently been updated about the good work that has been a result of a bequest.

MAF and CRMF have made a positive difference to lives in Papua New Guinea by being the driving change to support isolated communities in its mission to bring God’s word.

Supplying Bible boxes containing valuable Bible resources to boost learning and literacy in the English language as well as the local language. Boxes provided include a wide range of Bible resources, such as: Book, digital, audio, video and SD cards.

The benefit of reading or hearing God’s Word has transformed lives within their community. Testimonies of young men starting to respect elders, woman and young girls and the property of other villages encourages us to keep such projects going.

If you would like more details on how to make a bequest to strengthen the causes you love, contact us

Bequests – How Steer Can Help?

Have you considered how you make a difference to the world and how you could continue giving?

You can ensure that your contributions continue to benefit communities and individuals for years to come.

You can nurture your legacy by giving to causes you are passionate about by using your will to make a bequest.

At Steer we can help you, contact us at

What does $2.78 million look like?

It means:-
• Good News delivered by every conceivable media from hand held solar powered devices to radio and the internet
• Help, both immediate and long term, for women and children often abandoned, at risk of abuse, neglect, homelessness and without food in places like India, and others.
• Pastors able to fly to remote areas of PNG when trekking could take a week or more – each way.
• Bible translation in one of the 3000 languages still waiting for one.
• Theological education for people in PNG, ASIA, Australia and other hard to reach places providing teaching, support, equipment and other materials.
• Literacy, using the Bible in China, Africa and the like.
• Legal and on the spot help for those caught in people trafficking.
• Help with the problems of drug, gambling, grog and other addictions and their consequences, in Australia, and at crucial times such as schoolies week and beyond.
• Sports ministries chaplaincy.
• A Bible or a part of it perhaps for the first time in a language that’s easily understood.

In the last 12 months Steer Incorporated through our ministry partner’s generosity was able to boost the funding to all these ministries and more through the $2.78 million we distributed to over 300 missions.

Care to join us?
Contact us at

Our Generous Supporters….

At Steer Incorporated we have some very generous partners in ministry. Above is a graph which shows the broad sweep of where we have been sending funds generated through Steer in the last 12 months. It gives us a boost to see these results and we hope it does the same for you to. We are thankful for God’s provision for making this possible.

“Be encouraged.”