The Steer Experience….

Signing up with Steer can be life changing.

At Steer we encourage Ministry Partners to help us determine where to send the funds that Steer earns from the finances in our care.

Some families make an occasion of this every 6 months, seeing it as a good reason to get together over a meal, pray and ask God’s help in making their suggestions to Steer.

For them it’s a celebration, a time to recognise God’s goodness to them and a chance to be generous, to put others needs ahead of their own.

It is also an encouragement to do more in future and it passes on the importance of thinking of others and being financially generous as a natural part of their lives.

Some families carry this further by volunteering their time and energy, using holidays and alike.

The Steer experience can be life changing for everyone. Could it be for you or someone else you know? Share this post.

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