True Forgiveness….

Ramez Atallah (General Director of the Bible Society of Egypt) who is a former colleague of mine, shared this with me just recently. Do read the following and watch the brief video, it’s really moving and gives us a new perspective on life. This is a true example of forgiveness which we would do well to follow.

“Social Media is abuzz. In many instances, Muslims who are outraged at the blind and evil hatred of this atrocity, have expressed frustration with Christians in all their talk of love and forgiveness. As with previous attacks, the sense of revenge is minimal as families embrace martyrdom as a gift from and to God. Click on the video below to see the Muslim interviewer’s astonishment with the widow of the gatekeeper who prevented the suicide bomber from entering the Alexandria church yard, thereby saving countless lives. What is happening in Egypt is not a 2000-year-old legend, but a modern, living testimony to the power of the Christian faith.”

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