Who Do You Follow?

I’m choosing not to spend my time on Twitter! But I am choosing to follow Jesus! Are you?

John Hingley, co-founder of “Dasheroo” which sells business dashboards, writes about what ‘following’ means for Twitter users. His comments make interesting reading when we consider who we are ‘following’ in life.

He says: “Twitter can be overwhelming if you’re not knee-deep in social media land, can’t it? You’re … not really sure how it all works, who to follow, who is following you, what to post, retweet, or reply to…it’s crazy!” To which we reply ‘Amen!’

He gives a number of rules”

1. Choose wisely whom you follow! There are duds, spammers and fakes out there and they will clutter up your twittershere!

2. Only follow those who give back. The idea with Twitter seems to be to get lots of people follow you as much as you follow others, so weed out the inactive ones!

3. Look for people with lots of followers and have been active for a long time – they are more likely to be ‘worth following’!

4. Make sure you only follow people who have interests that align with yours – your industry your values, otherwise it’s a waste of your time.

5. No profile picture then no follow! Image is all important to a twitter follower, so no image means a level of disconnection that is a warning flag and the person should be ignored.

These are the main things I’ve distilled from his article, but it’s interesting to see the understanding of ‘following’ that is evident here.
Now while it is very much a self serving approach that defines value based on how much it benefits the follower, there are things that we can take from it.

For we follow Jesus, He is the wisest choice to follow for life and eternity! He gives back more than we can ask or imagine to His followers!
He’s been active for 2000 years and has many true followers (and sadly, not a few fake ones); He want what is best for us – a living relationship with our creator and a life of meaning and purpose leading to eternity! We don’t have his graphic image, but we do know He is the image of the invisible God!

This is a guest blog from David O’Brien of Waverley Baptist Church Victoria.

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