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Melbourne Prayer Breakfast

Melbourne Prayer Breakfast

Melbourne Prayer Breakfast

We work to see transformation in individual lives and the community through a wide range of local initiatives. 

Achieving this can mean dealing with the most practical of needs; whether that’s helping a young person find a safe place to live, providing a hands-on way to learn when the classroom just doesn’t work, or even scaling a mountain with a nervous teen who is building self-confidence.

From sixteen locations around Australia, we are committed to creatively finding ways and means to ensure that a young person’s past doesn’t need to determine their future; that where they’re ‘from’ can be a gift rather than a burden; and their experience of life can be transformed from this moment forward. 

Steer’s vision and support make this possible. 

We are ever grateful for the teams ongoing encouragement, wisdom and support to enhance donations to ministries like ours. 

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