If you’re looking for a tax efficient way to support mission and outreach work with your funds, Steer Incorporated’s Steer 31 Account is well worth considering.

For as little as $1,000, or $500 for students or people under 18 years of age, you can invest in a Steer 31 Account. We then invest your funds in term deposits, first mortgage secured loans or bank bills.

Steer Incorporated then periodically distributes the interest gained on your loan to Christian mission and outreach organisations.

As a lender you can suggest the mission organisations you would like to benefit from the interest earned through our investment.

There is no fixed period using Steer 31 Account. Should you need to withdraw your loan (in part or whole), we will refund it with 31 days written notice (effective from 1st January 2017). Refer to the Financial Services Guide and Product Information Statement for further details.

Because Steer Incorporated is a tax exempt charity, income earned by us is distributed to missions and outreach both in Australia and overseas.

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