The way to become involved with Steer Incorporated is simple. Firstly, we’d like to understand you and for you to become comfortable with how Steer works. Then it is up to you to decide what works best for you. Steer is open to suggestions as to how we can serve Christian missions more effectively, so your feedback is most welcome.

Secondly, once you are happy with who we are and that we have answered your questions, you decide to enter into a partnership arrangement with Steer Incorporated.

A partnership arrangement allows you to loan us a part of your wealth – this might be through an investment fund, a rental property – a house, flat in the city or any other property you might own including farmland or livestock, for the benefit of the causes you love.

Once you’re happy to sign the partnership agreement with us, your funds, property, farmland or livestock are then used to generate income for Steer Incorporated. It’s a simple as that.

Choose from six programs


If you’re looking for a tax efficient way to support mission and outreach work with your funds, Steer Incorporated’s Interest Free Loan (IFL) is worth considering.

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The Steer Family and Discretionary Trust program is designed for people with trusts who wish to support mission and outreach with a minimum of effort.

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The Steer Rental Property program is designed for the owners of rental properties to support mission and outreach work in a more tax efficient way.

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The Steer Livestock program is designed for farmers involved in breeding livestock, and dairy or wool production, to support mission and outreach work in a more tax efficient way.

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The Steer Crop program is designed for farmers growing crops to support mission and outreach work in a more tax efficient way.

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Making a bequest to Steer is a great way to continue your life’s passions. A good way to think about it is as a fund that keeps giving long after your gone.

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Because Steer Incorporated is a tax exempt charity, income earned by us is distributed to missions and outreach both in Australia and overseas.

Want to know more? Contact us for more information.